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Custom Solutions

Traffic Light Control System

This is an economical microcontroller based Traffic Light Control system that utilizes the latest technology and innovation in Traffic management system such as Variable Time Control Plan, Vehicle Actuation and Remote Monitoring via GSM modems. In the past 1 year, over 25 Traffic Light Controllers have been installed at various traffic junctions in Penang,Kuala Lumpuras well as Sarawak.





Pressure, Temperature and Time Control Logger

This Logger is developed for use in the HDPE Water Piping industry. It will store all the Welding Report as well as well as JobName and the parameters used for the welding. A welder uses a HDPE welding tool and this controller device as supplementary aid to ensure consistently good weld each time. The controller will adjust the welding parameters to be used by the welding tool, taking into account environmental changes and changes in the HDPE pipe parameters. Most of these Data Loggers have been sold in Thailand.




Test Equipment for Quality and Reliability Laboratories

This testing equipment was designed to test the durability of the toilet seat and cover’s hinge and damper. Two compressed air pistons lift and lower the cover and seat in a continuous cycle. A controller controls the activation of pistons as well as keeps count of the cycles. When needed, the equipment prints out via a printer, the cycle number, date and time for audit purposes to indicate the testing cycle performed on a particular batch or model.








Oven Temperature Profile Logging and Monitoring Device and Software

Thermocouples in several ovens connect to a controller and the analogue temperatures of the ovens are converted and read by the controller. These temperature profiles are logged to provide a traceable record of the temperature production units have undergone. It also has a monitoring feature. Whenever the temperature of any oven exceeds the threshold set by the engineer, an alarm will be set off. The computer depository for the data also functions as a server that generates and sends out reports on a user defined interval.