About Us

Ideal Data Automation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (or in short iDA) was incorporated on the 21st June 2005. iDA has taken over the business from Educom Enterprise (a sole proprietor company) which was incorporated back in 1997.

iDA is an automation company that designs, develops and builds custom hardware, firmware and database software for industrial purposes. iDA’s technological strength is based on developing micro-controller based hardware and software to solve industrial problems or to automate and make processes more efficient. Micro-controller based solutions have a distinct advantage in cost and ease-of-maintenance over PLC based solutions.


iDA’s Vision is to increase industrial “Quality and Productivity Through Automation”

In support of the Vision are the following Strategic Objectives:

  • Become the market leader in providing integrated and customized ESD testing equipment
  • Develop innovative ideas and solutions for the customers and be innovative in everything we do
  • Expand iDA’s product range


Guiding iDA staff and employees on an everyday basis are the following values;

  1. Innovation – think outside the box; continuously develop innovative technological solutions and products
  2. Customer Orientation – help the customer resolve issues and improve productivity
  3. Risk taking – embrace challenges and be bold in adopting new technologies