Nov 22

ESD Protection


The Continuous Ground Monitoring is designed for the seated operator using a wrist strap. It is used to monitor proper grounding of the operator’s wrist-strap. If the operator does not wear his/her wrist-strap properly, the red LED and buzzer will come on. The device will not monitor for proper grounding when no wrist-strap is plugged into it. If properly grounded the green LED comes on, indicating good status.


Nov 22

ESD Tester

iDA iDS600 ESD Tester is built and enclosed in a compact stainless steel casing. It is built for durability and long term use. It has a stainless steel button to activate testing. There are also versions that uses touch sensing technology to initiate testing. The tester uses a 10-bit Analogue to Digital Converter which gives it the flexibility to adjust the Low and High Limit of the Tester via digital setting.


The iDS600 ESD tester has all the standard features available in the most sophisticated ESD testers in the market. It has a built-in RS-232 communication port. It has 3 output relays to control doors and other external devices. It has 4 open-collector outputs for additional customization. There is an LCD display for displaying test results and menu settings during setup. Test results are also displayed using 3 large LEDs and supplemented with buzzer sound. The ESD tester is compatible with almost all of the ID card scanners in the market.

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Nov 22

ESD Tester Turnstile and Barrier Gate System

We have installed many ESD Testers and Barrier Gates around the region, from Penang (Malaysia) to Pulau Batam (Indonesia) and even in Suzhou,Tianjin and Beijing in China.

Our ESD Tester/Barrier system uses high quality turnstile gates from Europe and we also offer economical yet robust turnstiles fromChina. The ESD Tester/Barrier verifies the effectiveness of the ESD gear of an operator – wrist strap and foot wear with just a push of a button. Testing is completed in less than 2 seconds. Only upon passing this ESD testing, will the personnel be allowed entry into an ESD sensitive area.